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“This may sound weird, but Roman used to send me pictures of himself in his underwear, asking me for advice and critiques on his progress. And then finally I was like, ‘Bro, you’re in great shape. But stop sending me pictures. Please. Why don’t you just go out and help other people get in shape too?’ Well, he did just that. Ten years later, turns out he’s pretty good at it. And no, I don’t miss the underwear pictures.”  [[Roman’s note: you can just google them.]]

–Dr. John Berardi, Chief Science Officer, Precision Nutrition

“I never really bothered to consider whether Roman was actually intelligent in the context of fitness, as he had me laughing too hysterically each time we communicated to even give it a second thought. However, it sounds like he’s getting a lot of people in better shape, so assuming didn’t make an ass out of you or me, in this instance. I’m at least 40% sure of it.”

–Eric Cressey

“I’ve known Roman for coming up on a decade now, have hung out with him numerous times, have trained with him, have exchanged countless emails, and respect the hell out of him for his knowledge base and contributions he’s made in the fitness community.

“Out of all of that, the one thing I remember him most for is the fact that he wrote a 3000+-word blog post on the Twilight series.  Un-freakin-believable.”

–Tony Gentilcore, Co-Founder, Cressey Performance; Co-Author, Upper Body Imbalances Revealed

“John and I started out as fitness friends, but over time realized that in all our time hanging out and shooting the bull, we’ve never really broached the topic of fitness. So I guess that just makes us regular friends. Anyway, I actually have no clue how he trains, but he’s got huge arms, so I’m pretty sure he knows his stuff.”

Ben Bruno, Cool Bro

“I’ve known John Romaniello for over 10 years, and in those years I’ve seen him naked more times than I can count. And when as dude is as eager to get naked as Roman is, you can bet he knows his shit when it comes to fitness.”

–Joel Marion, Co-Founder and CEO, BioTRUST Nutrition

“The research shows that John Romaniello is a good dude.”

Bret Contreras, Professional Research Guy

“Roman tries to hide his brains behind his biceps, but that dude turned in the cleanest piece of copy I received from a fitness professional in an entire decade of magazine editing. And he even spelled ‘teh’ right.”

Jen Sinkler, fitness writer, editor, and coach

“When I first met Roman, I was impressed with his quick wit and obvious competence, but I thought, ‘This guy can’t possibly be this serious.’ Turns out I was wrong, he is deadly serious. All the time. In fact, it’s sort of weird to me that he lets the funny Indian kid run his whole online persona.”

–Dave Dellanave, Founder, Movement Minneapolis

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