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I am faster, stronger, more explosive, and more dynamic, thanks to Roman.

“a physical specimen” – Josh’s coach, regarding his “after” physique.

Having competed and trained at the professional level for soccer, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to top-tier strength and conditioning coaches throughout my career. After experiencing the likes of API (which is used by the NFL, MLS, MLB, and various World Cup teams) and NCAA Division-1 coaches, I feel confident in my ability to sift through great coaches and the rest.

From all my experiences, I feel confident saying this: Roman is a game changer.

I had been haunted by a hamstring injury that was always maintained but never corrected. Once John and I startedworking together all of that changed. Not only did his innovative techniques help in isolating the exact muscular problem and begin to effectively heal my ailing hamstring, but his insight into alternative therapies and willingness to search for answers from experts in other fields has saved my career.

John Romaniello is characterized by his insatiable thirst for knowledge, both in his field, and in any fields pertaining to your betterment. His receptiveness to unconventional methods and your personal goals only aids in setting him apart from most others in the athletic world.

In the ever evolving environment of sports science, John keeps himself right at the forefront, and I would recommend him to any aspiring athlete who wishes to take his or her career to the next level. To put it plainly; I am faster, stronger, more explosive, and more dynamic, thanks to John and his training. 

Joshua Trott
Number 2 Leading Scorer in NCAA Soccer 2006 College of Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts

Professional, individualized, goal-oriented programming.

I first started working with John online about 2 years ago, and from the start, he was always more than willing to help me find the answers to any questions regarding training, nutrition, and supplementation that I could think of.

John is very down to earth, and he has the people skills that many coaches are not able to transfer into their relationships with their clients. Handing out cookie cutter programs can unfortunately be par for the course in the fitness industry, but with John’s guidance, you’ll get the most individualized care and program design, regardless of what your goals might be.

Not many people are passionate about what they do, but when they are, it shines through. Such is the case with John Romaniello, and I can’t recommend him enough as both a professional and a friend.

Greg McGlone, 29
Sales Rep Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lost 2 sizes and got my dancer’s body back in just 4 weeks!

Hey John,
Just wanted to drop you a little note and let you know how the program is going. After 4 weeks, I’m down 2 full sizes! I was gonna go get new jeans, but my body is changing so fast I feel like I’ll just need to get more in a few weeks!

I love the exercises and how they challenge me, especially love the looks I get in the gym from the girls who just use the machines. I feel awesome. I’m so happy that I did this, I finally have my dancers body back and I feel better than ever.

Meghan McWirk, 33
Insurance Agent Akron, Ohio

Lost fat and flab — gained speed and strength!

Before I began working with John and his appraoch to dynamic fitness , I was solely interested in muscle growth and low-repetition strength. At 5’6″, 202 pounds, I was muscular but carrying too much fat. Worse, I possessed a negligible level of cardiovascular fitness and mobility.

The introduction of Romaniello’s routine completely changed my life. In just under 9 weeks I had lost 15 pounds, retained all of my strength and even improved my deadlift by 120lbs . More importantly, as a collegiate athlete, I improved my 40 yard dash by over 3-tenths of a second, which helped greatly with my speed on the base paths. In the absence of a better word, I feel “looser” than ever before — I could swing a bat without feeling as if my muscles struggled at the sign of any slight movement.

Thank you, Roman. Your approach to training changed my life and contributed to my success as a college athlete. I gladly recommend your routine to anyone and everyone — professional athlete or couch potato.

Josh M, 25 Former Collegiate Baseball Player Long Island, New York
Former Collegiate Baseball Player Long Island, New York

I went from a size 10 to a size 4 in 8 weeks — and stayed there!

I’m a mom of 3 daughters (an older one and a set of twins) and I feel like I barely have time to do anything. My husband and I try to be active with the kids, but we both put on weight, especially me. When we got married, I was 110 pounds, and a few years after the kids I was 147—and I’m only 5’3”!

I tried everything from long cardio sessions to starvation diets and barely saw anything.

Then I started working with John.

Just 8 weeks later, I was astounded. I weighed 134.5, but that wasn’t the shocker. I’d only lost 12 and a half pounds on the scale, but went from a size 10 to a size 4!

John explained that I’d lost a huge amount of fat while gaining muscle, which took up less space. The new muscle would help me maintain a higher metabolism constantly burn fat, keeping the weight off.

Now, 2 years later, I’m still a size 4 and my kids can’t keep up with me. Final Phase Fat Loss got me to where I never knew I could be again.

Angie Quinn, 49
Full Time Mom and Part Time Book Keeper, New York

Lifelong vegan and “hard-ganier” packs on over 20lbs of muscle!

I started working out in high school and for years I saw no real results; I could lift a bit more but I didn’t look or feel any different. I consulted various trainers and fitness “experts” and I was repeatedly given a speech about how I was a “hard gainer,” and because of my fast metabolism and vegetarian diet I would always be 6’1” and 136 pounds. John seemed to think otherwise and his approach was different than other trainers I had spoken to.

John first helped me with my diet; I’m a vegetarian and it’s hard for me to maintain my diet while still eating workout-friendly foods. John referred me to books and websites as well as nutrtion specialists who focused on vegetarian body building who taught me about gaining weight while maintaining a healthy, vegetarian diet. Roman also went out of his way to learn as much as he could about vegan and vegetarian diets. Whenever he didn’t know the answer, he either found it for me or referred me to someone who could answer it. With input from both Roman and the nutrtionists he suggested, such as Dr. John Berardi, we were able to come up with enough dietary suggestions that I was able to eat well and stick with it.

John’s approach combined the physical and psychological aspects of working out, and he explained WHY we were doing the exercises we were doing and how to perform them in the most efficient, safe way. I found that John stood apart from other fitness professionals in that his insightful and caring nature made the work out feel individual and tailored to me; I wasn’t just doing a workout that worked for some other guy I was doing a workout that was designed for me. So, basically what I’m saying is that I’m a lazy vegetarian with a fast metabolism and somehow John Romaniello packed twenty-two pounds of muscle onto me.

Kyle Seglin, 26
Musician Manhattan, New York

I lost 6% body fat, feel great, and get constantly complimented!

I have been working out and doing my best to stay shape for over ten years. One of the biggest issues I have been facing over the years is how often I plateau. I was consistently struggling to lose my last five to ten pounds on and off for years. I would find myself having to increase the weight I was lifting yet only looking bigger and bulkier which were not the results I was aiming for.

I was eating foods I believed to be healthy and following workouts magazines said were for my body type. Since discovering John, I have seen the drastic results I had been struggling to attain for years.

While following his workout routines as well as diet plan, I was able to drop my bodyfat from 22% to 16%. I have more strength, stamina and energy.

I not only feel great, but look more toned and am constantly complimented on my results. I finally have the tight, toned look and flat belly that has always been just out of reach!

Amber DeGeorge, 28
Speech Language Pathologist Huntington, New York

Roman triggered changes in my body — without even knowing it!

I’ve been training for a while, now; it was a progressive rise in difficulty and intensity over the years. As a martial artist, I was already accustomed to intense, challenging workouts that you walk out of with a smile on your face.

Over the last year or two though, my physical progress had been slowing down a bit, as happens with many when you’ve trained for a while. I was already lean and had some muscle on my body—especially on the legs—but my upper body definitely needed improvement in both size and strength. Moreover, with all that core training I’ve been doing, those abs should NOT be permitted to be hiding like this.

And then I got my hands on Roman’s BodyComp Blitz program.

To say I loved the program would be an understatement; It friggin’ rocked my face off!

BCB downright made me love the gym again. I haven’t turned down on any of my martial arts classes, no point in changing that (for any other martial artist who could be wondering). The addition of that program to my regimen, though, was the best decision I could make. I loved going through every part of the way.

Results? You bet. It’s a hybrid program, so my weight hasn’t changed much. But my Body Composition (get it? ‘BodyComp’ Blitz?) has never been better. That stubborn fat is now down 2% (from around 12 to 10%), and I’ve definitely gained muscle at the same time. I FEEL myself much stronger. It all happened in the span of a tiny 6 weeks!

The best part is, John didn’t even know about the awesome until I wrote to him. Imagine that. (Can you see his ego inflating just now?)

Nevermind his ego though, you shouldn’t notice *too much* through email. :)

Go and write to him. DO IT. 

Mathieu Duchesneau
Martial artist, Dragonboater, Hiker/Trekker, IT Engineering Student — Montreal, Canada

I have lost 20lbs so far.

Big thank you, John for all your advice and help you have given me. Over December and January I took your advice on focusing purely on fat loss, and as a result have lost 20lbs so far. I still have a long way to go, but with your advice and your articles on your site and TMuscle, I will reach my goals in no time!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Colin Cooper, 26
East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I have never felt in better shape in my life.

Hi John, just wanted to send you an email to say thanks for all your advice over the past few months. When we spoke on facebook you may remember me saying I was going to try your arm specialisation program. I have been alternating 4/5 weeks of compound full-body workouts with low reps and ramping the weight as suggested by Christian Thibadeau. This is alternated with 4 weeks of arm specialisation as oulined by you on TMuscle.

The results have been dramatic, I have never felt in better shape in my life. My arms are bigger than ever and im starting to see some great shoulder/arm separation. My plan is to keep alternating these until im happy with arms then specialise another bodypart. When I went home for Christmas people were saying I looked massive.

The thing is, my weight hasn’t increased that much but the difference in my arms and shoulders makes me look much bigger. Another thing is I managed to go out with the girl I was telling you about. Again, your advice helped me on that one big time. I really appreciate your help!


Mark H, 30
United Kingdom

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