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Cool Stuff

This is my “Cool Stuff” page.  It’s where I, um, tell you about…stuff.  Cool stuff.  Stuff…that I think is cool.

Get it?

Here’s the deal.  I try out a LOT of gadgets (fitness and otherwise), read a LOT of books (again, fitness and otherwise) and buy all sort of health-related goodies.

Some of these, I have blogged about. Others, while supremely awesome, don’t really warrant an entire blog post.  Instead, I’ll just post them here.

This page is broken up into three categories: Gadgets and Gizmos,  Recommended Reading, and Shopping Lists.

I know that’s all pretty self explanatory, but just so we have it all covered, here is this gist:

  • Gadgets and Gizmos is a page which will be reviews of stuff I have tried and liked. Usually, it’ll be gym related stuff like timers, grip tools, footwear, jump ropes, etc, but sometimes I will have something unrelated, like iPhone apps, photo equipment, and other fun stuff.
  • Recommended Reading is a page on which I recommend books. I’m a certified print junkie, and I read everything from the latest fitness books and programs to my favorite sci-fi and fantasy novels.
  • Shopping Lists is a page where I make general nutritional recommendations. This will be everything from healthy fats (nut butters and the like) to sites where I order my organic meats.

Pretty simple, right?

All of these pages and the individual posts on them will provide you with some information about why I recommend the item, how I use it, and where to get it.

Basically, if you’re wondering if something is “Roman Approved” you can look for it on this page.

If you can’t find it on this page, shoot me an email, and I’ll review the item for you and add here in the future.

These pages will be updated pretty frequently, so keep checking back.