I’m sure you can recall moments and situations where you find yourself waaay out of you comfort zone.

This is one of mine.

In this episode of Saturdays with Roman, The ever-charming Neghar Fonooni of Eat, Lift & be Happy (check that shit out, NOW) had a quick thought to put yours truly through a “Yoga For Anybody” session on the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica.

Sounds relaxing, right? I thought so too.

As you will see, I make for a difficult student. HOWEVER, I chalk it up to having just finished a set of sprints across the beach in my badass Fitocracy T-shirt. So, there.

I suppose Neghar provides some valuable tips for the “uninitiated” and displays some impressive flexibility. Disregard my lack thereof, again, I’ll bring my “A” game next time.

If anything, I’ll improve for next time, and perhaps this will make you take a second look at your own flexibility.

Not bad, right? Have you been implementing yoga in your recovery strategies? How awesome do I look? How awesome does SHE look? (a bit more awesome than me, I will admit.)

How do you use Yoga, or Yoga-like methods to give some Yin to your weekly Yang? We all need to slow down for a bit. Yes, even me.

So, after this video, I’ve been doing some basic yoga once per week. Nothing crazy, but it’s definitely helping me find some balance. In fact, Neghar wrote an awesome covering 9 reasons yoga is awesome for gym junkies. You should check that out, as well.

What are your thoughts on Yoga?

Let’s get some comments crack-a-lacking on all the different things you do to make you life more awesome.




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  • Mark

    I prefer twister

  • turling

    I do yoga with my wife after work. It makes me feel better, so I do it, as it seems to really help the knots I get in my ass from squats (I lift in the morning before work). Plus, I get to see my wife get sweaty in yoga pants. That’s a very good thing.