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10 Ways to Do Cardio That Suck Slightly Less Than Most Forms of Cardio

But Seriously It Still Kinda Sucks Because Cardio is Lame

Roman gives a list of his top 9 cardio workouts, and explains why he hates to love and loves to hate it. More

Roman’s Foreword to LGN365

  THE HALLMARKS OF SUCCESS vary from profession to profession, and in the fitness industry, things like income and popularity only tell a very small part of the story.  In this strange little world, success is determined not just by how much money you make, but by how highly regarded you are as a coach,…… More

The Number One Thing Holding Back Your Workouts: How Progressive Programming Perpetuated Progress

  Yesterday, my co-author Matt and I were talking about one of my online clients—a true super hero, as you’ll find out—and our discussion turned into a very in-depth conversation that I thought was really profound, and could be useful to a lot of you. This particular client, Colin, got really incredible results—he lost 18 pounds…… More

Behind the Cowl: A Complete Look at Super Hero Fat Loss (and a free workout)

Roman gives a some information about Super Hero Fat Loss –AND a free sample! More

Understanding Heroism: A Look at Modern Mythology and the (Super) Appeal of Super Heroes

Roman gives a more detailed explanation of the cultural importance of super heroes, touching on everything from mythology to self-fulfillment. More