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Some Thoughts on That Time I Became Batman’s Trainer and How I’d Make the New Dark Knight Even More Fit

The Workout Batman Deserves (and the one he needs right now)

An analysis of Batman’s workout, how NOT to train for advanced Batmanning, and some thoughts on getting Affleck into shape to play the Dark Knight. More

I Don’t Want To Sprint Because I’m Afraid I’ll Accidentally Qualify For the Olympics

Guest Post by Molly Galbraith

ROMAN’S NOTE: Today’s guest post is written by my good friend, Molly Galbraith. She’s an awesome coach, athlete, and all around bad-ass; she’s also one of the founders of Girls Gone Strong, and the author of the recently released The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training. I could wax poetic about Molly’s talents, but in the…… More

Meat Mastery: A Photo Guide to making the Best Goddamn Steak You’ve Ever Had in Your Life

I’m of the mind that everyone should know how to cook. Everyone. Men and women, young and old, single or married. It doesn’t matter if you don’t plan on doing much cooking, you should still know how to cook. I believe this so strongly that I listed it among my rules for a successful life. The…… More

My “Problem” with Kettlebells

A Discussion of Dogma, Posterior Chain Work, and a Few Sample Workouts

Roman gives a breakdown of his opinions on kettlebell training, concerning dogma, posterior chain work, and a sample workout from kettlebell expert Neghar Fonooni, author of Lean & Lovely. More

Forever a Thief…er, Student

12 Training Strategies I’ve Shamelessly Stolen From My Friends in the Fitness Industry

In this post, Roman shares 12 Training Strategies He’s Learned From Other Coaches More